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  • At-a-glance major milestones to be aware of NOW 

  • Ideas for how to add more purpose to your summer time—including summer opportunities & reading lists

  • Links to study tips, mindfulness exercises, and more!

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Receive comprehensive 1:1 strategy and support while crafting your full college list, essays, & applications

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  • At-a-glance major milestones to be aware of NOW 

  • Ideas for how to add more purpose to your summer time—including summer opportunities & reading lists

  • Links to free personality & interest quizzes, study tips, mindfulness exercises, & more!

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Hi, I'm Mindi!

I empower college-bound students to navigate their desired futures with intention, clarity, and confidence.

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Why do you need a professional college coach or mentor?


Many aspects of our lives have dramatically changed due to the pandemic, and so has the behavior of colleges and universities around the world.

In the unprecedented landscape of test-optional admissions since 2020, colleges have placed an ever-increasing emphasis on extracurricular activities, summer programs, and essays.

Applications to well-known schools are up an average of over 25%—and this increased competition means that many students must explore schools they may not have otherwise considered. 

Holistic college admissions today are looking above and beyond a student’s personal stats, asking:

  • Who are you and what are your character strengths?

  • In what ways will you contribute to our college community if we accept you? 

  • How do your activities align with your academic interests?

  • Does your overall application have a cohesive feel and provide context about you, your influences, and a sense of direction between your past, present, and future?

Successful students respond to these questions by seeking guidance from a consultant or mentor to illuminate their options and craft their unique application story. 


The college application process can be a long and overwhelming journey. I can't think of a better tour guide to help inform, question, and share in the experience. Mindi created the safe space for our daughter to express herself in a meaningful and authentic way.

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Tracy Huebner | Executive Director - Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd (Parent)

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8th/9th grade - 11th grade 

Skill, aptitude, & interest assessment and reflection

College major & fit exploration

College Research 101: language, structure, format,

& how-to

College list building foundations

Career exploration

Resume & activities list development

Academic, extracurricular, & summer planning

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Unlocking the Mind


11th grade  - 12th grade (& beyond)

College list development

Specific campus research for visits & future “Why This College?” essays


College visit & demonstrated interest tips

Recommendation letter request guidance

Comprehensive application & essay support: brainstorming through polishing


Financial aid application guidance

Additional internship/scholarship essay support & interview prep

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I had never been great at taking tests, however working with Mindi completely turned my academic career around. Not only did I learn the correct strategies but also the discipline and patience that comes with learning. I am now studying Anthropology at NYU which I never thought was possible, and I owe a lot of that to Mindi’s tutoring. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling with academia - she really knows what she’s doing!”


Madigan W. | Student



About Mindi

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Mindi has been involved in tutoring and mentorship since she herself was in grade school: a peer mentor to younger students in elementary and high school, a youth mentor for the East Bay College Fund, and peer advisor to students within her major program at UC Berkeley.  While preparing for post-graduate studies, she sought part-time employment with a start-up company in the standardized test prep industry. She quickly joined the top ranks of their professional tutoring faculty by demonstrating a unique ability to achieve both dynamic rapport and results with students worldwide via most interactive online meeting technology. She soon began mentoring new faculty, traveling abroad to work with international students eager to attend American colleges, and assisting as an academic advisor and trainer for the company’s staff and tutors nationwide.


While she relished watching her students succeed, Mindi was realizing that there were hidden opportunities during this standardized testing “rite of passage” that were getting overlooked—opportunities for students to discover themselves and what truly matters to them.  She began integrating growth mindset and mindfulness work into her sessions, and upon seeing their ability to transform an otherwise stressful process into one of passionate inquiry and discovery, set out to customize her signature academic mentoring system. By working this way, Mindi empowers students to not only unlock their ability to achieve immediate academic goals, but also confidently explore the futures they desire and deserve. 


More than just tutoring to gain admission to top colleges, Mindi encourages her students to find powerful connections between their schoolwork and their personal lives that not only positively affect their collegiate paths but their future professional careers as well.  


Mindi feels that the college essay writing process is the best vehicle for sparking these types of insights.  In fact, one of her students had her essay featured on Johns Hopkins University’s website as a Class of 2018 “Essay That Worked”—a stellar example of a hero story for future undergraduate applicants.  


When students are able to unlock and articulate their individual essence, the essays become more than just an administrative hoop through which to jump—they become meaningful reflections at a pivotal moment in students’ lives that can pay off in myriad ways.  In 2015, a former student from Florida leveraged her essays to receive a four-year $42,000 annual scholarship to an out-of-state university, which was one of eight to which she was accepted.

I am grateful for Mindi being my tutor - she was always patient with me and she kept tutoring fun and engaging. I was also very fortunate to have her assistance with writing my personal statements and supplemental essays for my college applications.


She taught me many useful strategies for test-taking, and I was able to apply those strategies to tests beyond the SAT. Also thanks to her help, I learned how to properly study for important tests and I maintained high grades for my remaining years of high school and my first year of college. She also provided me with resources that made aspects of college less daunting. 


When I first took the SAT, my score was 1190. After working with Mindi, I was able to boost my score to 1350 and I was accepted to four universities. I am currently a UC Riverside student as a Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology major, and I am thankful that Mindi was able to get me there.  

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Breeann N. | Student

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