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Hi, I'm Mindi! I am an analytical creative who excels in performance, scholarship, and mentorship.

What's most important to me is connection and service to the whole, regardless of what I'm doing.


I want to help people transform how they own their place and voice in the world in a way that's empowering and meaningful to them.

As a performer, my greatest loves are bringing new audiences to classical music and stepping into character roles. I'm also drawn to unique opportunities in film soundtracks, art installations, and avant-garde projects. I've performed over 30 roles and works as a soloist in the traditional classical and modern repertoire. I also enjoy collaborative works, comedic roles, and parts that step outside of the box.

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After years of also working in the field of academic tutoring, I founded Mindi Trimble Mentoring, a one-on-one mentoring service designed to help those who wish to create an empowered experience and improved results with essay writing, academic performance, and mindfulness. I love helping teenagers grow toward their higher potential and adults refine their words to reflect their authentic voice.

But don't let all of the sophistication of classical music and scholarly wisdom give you the wrong impression...I'm actually (really) funny, on stage and off. I know how to laugh and how to induce laughing in others, thanks to my quick wit and comedic timing. As the mother of twin boys, I have no choice but to live every day in the moment with a sense of adventure! I find solace and joy in the harmony of all aspects of my life, and I look forward to where the path will continue to lead....

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