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Create success throughout your educational journey, whether you're just beginning...

...or applying for an advanced degree.

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Explore potential college majors & career fits,
design a mini college list & resume,
and create an action plan for the future

Unlocking the Mind


Receive comprehensive 1:1 strategy and support while crafting your full college list, essays, & applications

Want to get one step closer toward getting into your #1 college choice?
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College Planning Timeline—
ULTIMATE Resource for 9th-12th grades!

  • Every key milestone  for all four years so you can pop with possibilities for your future without cracking under pressure

  • My sizzling hot tips for maximizing your summer

         (bonus: they won’t burst your bubble!)

  • Sneak peek into my results-driven 4D method I use with my 1:1 students

  • Bubble-wrapped with care and popping with fun—because you deserve to be supported and have a stress-free journey toward college admission!

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College Planning Timeline
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Hi, I'm Mindi!

I empower students to navigate their desired futures with intention, clarity, and confidence.

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Why do you need a college prep mentor?


Many aspects of our lives have dramatically changed due to the pandemic, and so has the behavior of colleges and universities around the world.

Since 2020, colleges have been placing an ever-increasing emphasis on extracurricular activities, summer programs, and essays and application submissions are up over 25% on average at well-known colleges.


Increased competition means that many students must explore schools they may not have otherwise considered, and their materials need to answer these (often hidden!) questions to be admitted by holistic admissions teams:

  • Who are you and what are your character strengths?

  • In what ways will you contribute to our college community if we accept you? 

  • How do your activities align with your academic interests?

  • Does your overall application have a cohesive feel and provide context about you, your influences, and a sense of direction between your past, present, and future?

Successful students respond to these questions by seeking guidance from a consultant or mentor to illuminate their options and craft their unique application story. 


The college application process can be a long and overwhelming journey. I can't think of a better tour guide to help inform, question, and share in the experience. Mindi created the safe space for our daughter to express herself in a meaningful and authentic way.

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Tracy Huebner | Parent and Executive Director, Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd


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8th grade - 11th grade 

Skill, aptitude, & interest assessment and reflection

College major & fit exploration

College Research 101: language, structure, format, & how-to

College list building foundations

Career exploration

Resume & activities list development

Academic, extracurricular, & summer planning

1:1 and small group options available

Unlocking the Mind


11th grade  - 12th grade (& beyond)

College list development

Specific campus research for visits & future “Why This College?” essays


College visit & demonstrated interest tips

Recommendation letter request guidance

Comprehensive application & essay support: brainstorming through polishing


Financial aid application guidance

Additional internship/scholarship essay support & interview prep


"Even though my children were in private school, their counselors still couldn't give the 1-on-1 attention Mindi provides. She helped my son get into his #1 college choice, and my daughter received merit-based scholarship offers from several schools on her list. Mindi freed me from the stress of having to manage my kids' college application and essay writing process and encouraged some really beautiful writing from them."

Copy of Ruth Burton to crop for testimonial_edited.jpg

Ruth Burton | Parent


 Fed up with doing random activities

         or spreading yourself thin worrying about

         making your resume look good

 Committed to learning about and finding

         ways to refine (or combine) your academic

         and career aspirations so you can answer the

        "What do you want to do?" question with ease​​

✓ Wanting to do as much good as you can with                    your time on Earth through meaningful work                  and service


  Spending time, energy, and resources on the

         ol’ “let’s throw spaghetti at the wall and see

         what sticks” approach to college planning is

         good enough for you

❌  Looking for quick, easy answers about what

         classes, extracurriculars, or summer       

         opportunities you “should” do or what major           to choose for [insert highly rejective selective              college]

❌  Learning about yourself, having a sense or

         purpose, or putting structures in place to

         achieve your goals sounds terrible

❌  Putting off deadlines until the last minute

         creates frantic energy you love

❌  Your crystal ball ensures that you’ll never

         change your mind about your perfectly laid

         future plans

❌  You don’t believe in love, curiosity, or

         empathy—especially when it comes to

         BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, or people with

         disabilities (both seen and unseen)


 Open to exploring your interests and learning

         about exciting, new-to-you programs and

         discovering colleges that might be perfect fits                for you (even if they’re not what you or others have

         been envisioning for you) 

 Ready to go from ‘unsure about your future’ to

         ‘unstoppable fiercely-figuring-it-out force of


 Prepared for the self-discovery & reflection

         required to get where you want to go—and the

         implementation of new strategies in order to get


Mindi Bio

About Mindi

Before beginning her own mentorship practice, Mindi worked for over a decade with students worldwide as a top-ranked professional faculty member for Revolution Prep. She also created the role of academic advisor on its sales team, trained and mentored new faculty, and traveled abroad to work with international students eager to attend American colleges.


While she relished watching students succeed, Mindi was realizing they were missing opportunities during this standardized testing “rite of passage”—opportunities to discover what truly matters to them.  She began integrating growth mindset and mindfulness work into her sessions, and upon seeing their ability to transform an otherwise stressful process into one of passionate inquiry and discovery, set out to customize her signature academic coaching system. Mindi empowered students to not only unlock their ability to achieve more immediate academic goals, but also confidently explore their futures. 


Now, her work focuses on helping students explore future possibilities as they navigate their current academic careers. Mindi challenges her students to dig deep within to find their core values, discover what's awaiting them in the world, design a plan of action, and distill all that information to establish their personal priorities. She then works in-depth with students to craft standout essays and application materials filled with personality and authenticity that get put in the 'yes' pile!

Working  this way,  Mindi helps her students transform their academic lives from a series of administrative hoops to jump through to an experience filled with meaningful reflection that pays off in all sorts of ways.  She's helped students gain 6-figure scholarships, acceptances into their top college choices, and momentum that confidently propels them toward their brightest futures.


Mindi loves to nerd out with her students about mind-blowing interdisciplinary post-high school programs and possibilities beyond the norm. She is energetic, collaborative, and unafraid to bust out her opera chops while singing her students’ praises. Most mornings you'll find her up before dawn for coffee, quiet time, and a quick sweat session at the boxing gym. Mindi likes working her magic on unsuspecting subjects—from free roadside furniture to fearful first draft writers. Weekends are for adventures with her husband, toddler twin boys, and German Sheagle, and she's always down for a bad pun, good mystery, or anything made with peanut butter and chocolate.


Mindi's on a mission to introduce effective altruism—using evidence-based global priorities research to make strategic personal decisions that do the most good for the most people—as a life-changing social movement and philosophy to her students (and anyone else who will listen).

Mindi Trimble Academic Career Mentor_edited_edited.jpg

"I am intensely grateful to Mindi for taking me through my MBA application process and helping me craft the most effective essays possible. With her help, I was able to secure a scholarship covering full tuition and fees (over $156,000) for NYU Stern School of Business, as well as an additional $10,000 a year stipend for the full two year duration of my program. Her ability to help me find the heart of what I wanted out of business school and communicate that effectively both in writing and at my interviews was invaluable to me and I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat. I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I began the application process, but working with Mindi made it so incredibly rewarding and got easier and easier the longer we worked together."

Copy of Aumna Iqbal (from her consulting page on her website)_edited.jpg

Aumna Iqbal | Graduate Student

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